Welcome to Parts Master II

Here at PMII we have an easy find and selection system for all salvage motor parts taken from vehicles which we have checked and tested and in most cases the vehicle getting broken has been test driven before coming in for its final visit before being broken and recycled. All our parts have a 30 day warranty and we are unique in the way we price up our second hand parts as PMI (Parts Master I)  sells only new parts and we combine PMI and PMII to make sure that if you buy a second hand part from us then it will never be more than half the price of a new one ensuring that you will always receive fair pricing and never pay over the odds for a salvaged part.

If you have a look at our Hydro-Grafix site then you will also see examples of what we can do with salvaged parts which makes them something unique and virtually makes them new again with a highly increased value.


Please call us if you have any questions.

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